Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

Busy busy busy for the next show

OMG dear friends, I'm really so sorry, I didn't post anything for such a long time ... believe me, I had so busy times, and still I have busy times ....

I've got a new Job and GOSH this is really a wonderful one ....

I had a lot of bears and dragons adopted - therefore so much to do ....

And there are only 3 weeks left for the next show in Germany - the Teddy-bär-Welt at Wiesbaden. Therefore I have so much to do at the moment. Bears and Dragons and first of all baby-dragons will be created to present themselves to the public.

I will soon post some pics!!!

And more than that another wonderful thing, I will be the new organizer for the next show at Linz in Austria 2012. I've so many new ideas to do ... so please get back and I will let you know more about it

Have a wonderful Sunday
ciao ciao - Andrea & the Dreli-Bears & dragons

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