Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

Wiesbaden - what a success!!!!

Ohhhhhh please have a look what I've brought home from Wiesbaden!!! I've got the wonderful award TED worldwide 2012. It was really such a wonderful show with so many lovely visitors, friends and bear-lovers. So many bears and dragons found a new sweet home and all my darlings got so many wonderful compliments.

In all I was really happy to meet everyone there.

Now I will have some days of relax ... as I also participated at the lovely online-Show at, my fingers need some rest.

But only a few days left and I have to put all my darlings again in a big suitcase and will travel to a lovely friend to Münster, where I will be part at the big show "Teddybär-Total 2012" for the first time.

Hope to see some of you there. Will have to go to bed now, as I'm also a bit ill .... thank you for all your love for my bears and dragons - ciao ciao!!!!

Montag, 5. März 2012

Only a few days left ...

There are only a fiew days left for our next show at Wiesbaden, there are a lot of things to do - I'm really very excited!!!

More than that I've finished my website for the show at Linz in October, for the moment I created it just in German language, please don't mind. If you have any question, please feel free to contact me and I will give you any information you will need.

Hope to see some of you also there, or maybe even at my new show at Salzburg in November 2012 - more information coming up soon .......

ciao ciao - Andrea & the Dreli-bears & dragons

Linz 2012 - die Website ist fertig

So ich bin sooooooooooo froh, jetzt habe ich die Website für die Veranstaltung in Linz im Oktopber 2012 fertig, bitte seid doch mal so nett und schaut auf diese Website.

Auf Info bekommt ihr auch den Download für die Einladung und die Anmeldung, na wär das nicht was für den ein oder anderen????? Ohhhhhhhh ich freue mich schon so sehr!!!

Und jetzt nur mehr knappe 2 Wochen bis Wiesbaden, und noch so viel zu tun .... packen wir es an!!!

Bis bald in Wiesbaden - ciao ciao - Andrea & die Dreli-Bären & Drachen